Hello. Hola.

I’m Pamela Hennessy, a Marketing and Creative Services Professional.

Since the 1990s, I’ve been helping companies grow their business.

My career began in insurance marketing and soon expanded into B2B and B2C marketing for a number of different companies. In that time, I’ve acquired a strong skill set that allows me to direct and nurture every step of the marketing and creative processes.

My Capabilities

Marketing Direction

I am a true marketing generalist with skills that range from planning and strategy to execution and management. I’m able to bring new products to market and legacy products to new market spaces.

For everything from your online presence to individual product branding, I’m able to brings things together in a cohesive and successful way.

Creative Direction

I bring many years of experience in creative direction and am skilled in print design, logo design, website design, typography and brand direction.

I can offer complete corporate branding guidelines and execution through all channels – including social media.


I’m an experienced content creator who loves to tell a compelling story.

Through printed word, email campaigns, social media and online corporate presence, I can help you impart your company’s value proposition in an effective and SEO-ready way.


Maybe your company is in its genesis and you’re not sure what you need. I can help you cut through the confusion to build a marketing approach that works for you and your budget.

If you simply need a fresh look at things, I’m here for you as well. No project is too small.

My Work History

2016 -
2014 - 2016
2007 - 2013
2005 - 2007
1997 - 2005

Get in Touch

I’m a United States citizen who lives in beautiful Guanacaste, Costa Rica. I’m able to work contract for any company in the world and as an employee for any US-based company.

Need my resume? Download it here.

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